CBD for horses: application, effects & joint health

CBD bei Pferden Anwendung, Wirkung & Gelenkgesundheit
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CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient responsible for the “high” feeling, CBD is non-psychoactive . This makes it an attractive option for therapeutic purposes in both humans and animals, including horses.

What is CBD and how does it work?

CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a key role in regulating various physiological processes such as pain sensation, mood, immune function and inflammation. The ECS is present in both humans and animals , which explains the diverse potential health benefits of CBD. In horses, CBD's interaction with the ECS can help promote balance in the body and support overall well-being.

The benefits of CBD for horses

The use of CBD in horses has grown in popularity in recent years as more pet owners look for natural ways to support the health and well-being of their animals. Highlighted benefits of CBD for horses include:

  • Pain relief : CBD can offer a natural alternative to conventional painkillers, especially for chronic pain conditions or inflammation.
  • Stress reduction and anxiety relief : CBD has been shown to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety in horses, which can be particularly useful during transportation, competitions or fireworks displays.
  • Improving Skin Health : Using CBD products can help with skin problems by reducing inflammation and promoting healing.
  • Support Digestive Health : CBD can help promote healthy intestinal flora and relieve digestive discomfort.
  • Promote overall well-being : By interacting with the ECS, CBD can help promote overall balance in the body and strengthen the immune system.

These potential benefits make CBD a promising option for pet owners looking to naturally support their horses' well-being. However, it is important to consult a veterinarian before using CBD products on horses to ensure safe and effective use.

CBD horses: areas of application and benefits

The use of CBD in horses spans a wide range of applications, from treating specific conditions to improving overall well-being. The natural properties of CBD make it an attractive supplement for animal care, especially when it comes to addressing pain management and behavioral issues.

Pain management and anti-inflammatory

A key area in which CBD shows significant benefits in horses is pain management and anti-inflammation . Chronic pain conditions, whether from injury, arthritis or other degenerative diseases, can significantly impact a horse's quality of life. CBD works through its interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation and modulate pain signals.

  • Natural Pain Relief : CBD is known for its pain-relieving properties, which can provide a natural alternative to traditional painkillers, which are often associated with side effects.
  • Anti-inflammatory : In addition to pain relief, CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, making it particularly useful for conditions such as arthritis that are characterized by chronic inflammation.

Stress reduction and behavioral improvements

Another important use of CBD in horses is to reduce stress and promote behavioral improvements . Horses can experience stress and anxiety for a variety of reasons, including transportation, changes in their environment, or separation anxiety. CBD can help calm the nervous system and promote a feeling of relaxation without causing sedative effects.

  • Reducing Anxiety and Stress : Through its calming effects, CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety in horses, which is particularly useful in potentially stressful situations such as transport or competition.
  • Improvement in social behavior : Horses receiving CBD often show improvement in social behavior, which can be attributed to the anti-anxiety properties of CBD.

The use of CBD in horses offers an exciting opportunity to complement or even replace conventional treatment methods. Through its versatile properties, CBD can help relieve pain and inflammation, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. However, as with any supplement, it is important to consult a qualified veterinarian before use to ensure it is suitable for the individual animal and is dosed correctly.

CBD for horses experiences

The use of CBD in horses has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thanks to the positive testimonials from horse owners and the promising results from initial research studies, a picture of CBD is emerging as a useful supplement to promote the health and well-being of horses.

Experience reports from horse owners

Many horse owners who have tried CBD products for their animals report significant improvements in various areas. Here are some of the most commonly cited benefits:

  • Improvement in anxiety and stress : Owners have observed that their horses are calmer and more composed in situations that previously caused stress or anxiety, such as during transport or during veterinary examinations.
  • Pain and Inflammation Relief : Some reports suggest that horses with chronic pain, such as that caused by arthritis, have experienced visible pain relief after using CBD.
  • Improved mobility : Improved mobility has been noted in horses with movement problems or stiff joints, suggesting that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • General well-being : Last but not least, horse owners report that their animals generally appear more balanced and show signs of improved well-being.

Case studies and research results

Although scientific research on CBD in animals is still in its infancy, there are some initial studies and case studies that support the potential benefits of CBD:

  • Pain relief and anti-inflammatory studies : Research shows that CBD can have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects in mammals, making it a promising option for treating conditions such as arthritis.
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction Research : Preliminary studies suggest that CBD has the potential to reduce anxiety by acting on certain receptors in the brain, justifying its use for stress and anxiety in horses.
  • Case Studies on Specific Conditions : Individual case studies report positive results when using CBD on specific diseases and conditions in horses, including skin diseases, digestive problems, and more.

It is important to emphasize that further research is necessary to fully understand and confirm the effectiveness and safety of CBD in horses. Horse owners should always consult a veterinarian before introducing CBD products into their animals' care to ensure it is the right choice for their specific needs.

Buy CBD drops for horses

When purchasing CBD drops for horses, it is crucial to pay attention to the quality, purity and safety of the products. This ensures your horse benefits from the potential benefits of CBD without any unwanted side effects. Here are some important aspects to consider:

What to look out for when buying CBD products?

  • Purity and quality : Look for products made from organically grown hemp to avoid exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
  • THC content : It is important that the CBD product has a very low THC content (usually below 0.3%) as THC can be toxic to animals.
  • Lab Testing : Search for products that have been lab tested by a third party. These tests confirm the purity, CBD and THC content and the absence of harmful substances.
  • Dosage instructions : Products should provide clear dosage recommendations tailored to your horse's weight and needs.

Recommended products and providers

A product that meets all of these criteria and is particularly recommended is our CBD oil for horses . Our high-quality CBD oil has been developed specifically for the needs of horses and offers a range of benefits including:

  • Made from Organic Hemp : The oil is derived from 100% organically grown hemp, ensuring the highest possible quality and safety.
  • Laboratory Testing : Each batch is thoroughly tested to ensure product consistency and purity, with clear evidence of low THC levels.
  • Easy dosage : The included pipette makes it easy to dose the oil, and the included instructions will help you find the right amount for your horse.
  • Positive reviews : Numerous satisfied customers have already noticed the positive effects of the oil on the well-being of their horses.

By choosing Shinygram CBD oil for horses, you are choosing a product designed for both your horse's health and your own peace of mind. Whether you're looking for a solution for stress, pain, or just general health support, this CBD oil could be just what your horse needs.

CBD for horses dosage

CBD dosage for horses is a crucial factor that should be carefully considered to achieve the desired benefits while minimizing the risk of side effects. The correct dosage may vary depending on various factors such as weight, health status and the horse's individual reaction to CBD. Here are some general guidelines and tips on how to adjust the dosage to suit your horse's needs.

Dosage guidelines

  • Starting dose : A common recommendation is to start with a low dose and increase it gradually. A starting dose of around 1mg of CBD per 5kg of body weight per day is often recommended for horses.
  • Observation : Pay careful attention to your horse's response to the initial dose and look for signs of improvement or possible side effects.
  • Increasing : If no side effects are noticed after a few days and the desired effects are not sufficient, the dose can be increased slowly.

Adjust dosage based on needs

  • Individual differences : Every horse reacts differently to CBD. While some horses show positive effects from a low dose, others may require a higher dose to achieve the desired results.
  • Specific needs : The required dose may also vary depending on the specific health problems or needs. Horses with more severe conditions such as chronic pain or severe anxiety may require higher doses compared to horses receiving CBD for general health promotion.
  • Consultation with a veterinarian : It is always advisable to consult an experienced veterinarian before starting CBD treatment. A veterinarian can provide specific dosage recommendations and help develop a safe and effective plan for using CBD on your horse.

Long-term adjustments

  • Periodic Assessment : The optimal dose for a horse may change over time depending on their health and response to CBD. Regular evaluations and dosage adjustments may be necessary to achieve the best results.
  • Continuous monitoring : Continually monitor your horse's well-being and any changes in behavior or health to adjust dosage accordingly.

By following these guidelines and carefully tailoring the dosage to your horse's individual needs, you can maximize the positive effects of CBD and help improve your horse's well-being and quality of life.

Horse Balm CBD: Opinia

Horse balm with CBD is becoming increasingly popular among horse owners looking for natural solutions to support their animals' well-being. This product combines the traditional benefits of horse balm – a long-respected remedy for muscle and joint pain – with the calming and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. The opinions and ratings of users as well as the areas of application provide a good insight into the effectiveness of this product.

Reviews and areas of application

Most reviews from horse owners who have used horse balm with CBD are positive. Users often report rapid relief of inflammation and pain in their horses, improved mobility and a general increase in the animals' well-being. In particular, it highlights how effective this product is in treating:

  • Muscle tension and pain : Helps relax muscles and relieve pain after intense activity or injury.
  • Joint problems : Used to relieve symptoms of joint diseases such as arthritis.
  • Skin problems : Supports the healing of skin irritations and promotes healthy skin through its anti-inflammatory properties.

Comparison with other CBD products

Compared to other CBD products for horses, such as oils or pellets, the horse balm with CBD offers some unique advantages:

  • Targeted application : Horse balm allows local application directly to affected areas, which can be particularly beneficial for muscle and joint problems.
  • Fast Action : Topical application allows CBD to quickly penetrate the skin and provide quick relief.
  • Ease of Use : Applying balm is often easier and less invasive, especially in horses that may not tolerate oral products well.

Despite these benefits, it is important to note that choosing the right CBD product depends heavily on your horse's specific needs and preferences. While balms are ideal for topical treatments, oils or pellets may be better for providing general health benefits or addressing internal concerns.


In conclusion, CBD represents a promising natural alternative for supporting the health and well-being of horses. From relieving pain and inflammation to reducing stress and anxiety to improving skin health and mobility, the potential benefits of CBD for horses are extensive and promising.

Important points at a glance:

  • Versatility : CBD products, including oils, pellets, and balms, offer a range of uses for different needs and conditions.
  • Naturalness : As a natural substance, CBD offers an alternative option to traditional medications, often with fewer side effects.
  • Positive experiences : Both scientific studies and reports from horse owners underline the positive effects of CBD on the well-being of animals.
  • Individuality : The correct dosage and the right product depend on the individual animal, which is why individual adjustment and close observation are necessary.


Before incorporating CBD into your horse's care routine, it is essential to speak with a veterinarian to ensure it is appropriate for your horse's specific needs and health status. Always start with a low dose, carefully monitor your horse's reaction and adjust the dosage accordingly.

CBD Shinygram's CBD oil for horses offers an excellent option for owners looking for a high quality, safe and effective product. Due to its purity, careful production and positive reviews, it can be a valuable supplement to support your horse's health.

Final thought:

The decision to use CBD for your horse should be based on sound research, a clear understanding of the benefits and potential risks, and professional advice. CBD offers an exciting opportunity to naturally improve the lives of our horses and therefore deserves careful consideration as part of a holistic care approach.

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