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Welcome to Shinygram, where quality and innovation meet. Are you looking for a way to take your business to the next level? Our customized CBD solutions are designed specifically for B2B customers like you. Immerse yourself in a world full of possibilities and let us pave the way for your success together.

Benefits of collaboration

Access to premium CBD products

Ensuring you offer your customers only the best on the market.

Individual advice and support

We are always available to provide you with advice and support to support your success.

competitive advantages

Use our innovations and market knowledge to stand out from the competition.

Philosophy in the wholesale segment

Our credo is based on the belief that products with natural healing properties are essential. We strive to combine traditional knowledge with modern scientific research to create outstanding, solution-focused products that provide benefits from various complementary areas for both humans and animals. Since our founding, our goal has been to offer significant added value and make the lives of people and animals easier.

Our commitment to outstanding quality is reflected in:

  • The use of certified raw materials
  • Prioritizing organic farming and verifiable origins
  • Providing certificates of analysis and purity
  • Ensuring optimal formulations and ideal dosages
  • An excellent price-performance ratio
  • The abolition of minimum order quantities
  • Guaranteed fast delivery times
  • Providing individual advice from personal contacts

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Reseller & wholesale partnership

Our collaborations extend across a variety of future-oriented and market-leading companies. Do you want to stand out as a reseller in your sector and drive innovation? Differentiate by providing premium CBD products and create unique selling points. We not only support you in strengthening relationships with your current customers, but also in gaining access to new target groups. Look forward to advantageous offers, direct communication channels and special privileges for our wholesale partners.