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Bottle design

At ShinyGram, we pride ourselves on making every detail count - especially with our unique bottles. Together with the printing company Postprint , real masters in professional printing, we have created designs that fully represent us. Here we take you behind the scenes: from the first draft to the finished product. Immerse yourself in our world of bottle printing and discover how passion and precision go into each of our products

Our unique CBD bottle designs

The development of our bottle design at shinygram was an adventure in creativity and attention to detail, based from the start on genuine passion and a deep commitment to quality. Our goal was to create a visual experience that reflects the purity and essence of our CBD products while seamlessly fitting into our customers' everyday lifestyles. We began with comprehensive brainstorming sessions where we let ideas flow freely, inspired by nature, art and the latest trends in product design. Together with Postprint 's creative team, we went through numerous designs, conducted feedback sessions and tested prototypes to ensure that every element - from the color palette to the material - harmonized perfectly.

The process was characterized by a willingness to experiment and a deep understanding of the shinygram brand. It was important to us that our design was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also told a story that conveyed our core values ​​of sustainability, health and well-being. The selection of the right materials played just as important a role as the visual design. We chose environmentally friendly inks and sustainable materials to do our part in protecting the environment while guaranteeing a high quality product.

The result of this extensive process is a bottle design that evokes real emotions and communicates the quality of our CBD oils at first glance. It symbolizes our dedication and commitment to achieving excellence in everything we do. By working closely with the Postprint printing company, we were able to create a meaningful connection between design and function, which makes our products unique on the market.

Green design meets customer love: Our sustainable CBD bottles

The response from our customers to the new bottle designs was overwhelmingly positive, which reinforced our decision to let design and functionality go hand in hand. We paid particular attention to the sustainability of our packaging by only using recyclable materials and minimizing the CO2 footprint of our production process. Working with renowned artists and designers has also brought fresh perspectives to our project and raised the aesthetics of our products to a new level. These experiences have shown us how important it is to always be open to innovation and to seek dialogue with our community in order to create products that not only please, but also tell a story and convey values.

Hanföl CBD Öl hochwertige Qualität

Rankist.ch for shinygram: Digital success

The partnership with Rankist.ch has led shinygram into a new era of digital marketing. Through targeted SEO strategies and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, Rankist has not only positioned our web presence on the first pages of search engine results, but also improved the quality and relevance of our traffic. This deep optimization has resulted in a significant increase in conversions and sales. Her expertise in advertising management has also increased our brand awareness and strengthened the bond with our target group. Through regular analysis and adjustments, Rankist ensures the long-term success of our online strategy so that we can always adapt to changing market conditions and strengthen our competitive position.