Bea Goldman

Your expert for naturopathy and CBD

Welcome to the world of naturopathy, led by Bea Goldmann, our charismatic expert with a Master of Science in naturopathy and complementary medicine.

Fachautorin Bea Goldmann für CBD Shinygram, eine Frau mit Brille und blauem Hemd

Deciphering pioneer of CBD naturopathy

Bea Goldmann represents a new era of naturopathy in which traditional knowledge meets innovative research. With her master's degree in naturopathy and complementary medicine, she has dealt intensively with the role of CBD - a compound that has made big waves in alternative medicine in recent years. Her scientific curiosity led her to conduct a series of studies examining the effects of CBD from a variety of perspectives, from the molecular level to clinical applications.

Bea's academic excellence and contribution to clinical research have shaped her deep understanding of the potentials of CBD. She is at the forefront of a shift in thinking that is bringing the possibilities of CBD to the fore, supported by the scientific community and fueled by her own insights.

"There is a promise of health and wellness in every plant extract, and I am fascinated by how CBD uniquely fulfills that promise. My mission is to unravel these mysteries and unlock CBD's enormous potential for a better quality of life. " - Bea Goldman

Bea Goldmann Fachautorin, Frau mit Brille sitzt auf Sofa mit Laptop auf dem Schoß

From the laboratory to life

Bea Goldmann's path to becoming a CBD writer

After Bea Goldmann completed her studies with an impressive master's thesis in which she examined the possible applications of CBD in naturopathy, she deepened her expertise by participating in various studies on the subject of CBD. Her scientific curiosity and commitment to evidence-based findings helped expand the understanding of CBD and its place in alternative medicine. Bea then decided to follow her other passion – writing. She turned to writing to make her extensive knowledge available to a wider audience. Their articles and contributions combine scientific accuracy with reader-friendly presentation and enable an interested audience to find out about the benefits of CBD and integrate them into their everyday lives.