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CBD Öl welches passt zu mir?
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Are you looking for the perfect CBD oil for you? At Shinygram there is a wide selection tailored to different needs and experience levels. The concentration of CBD in the oil is a crucial factor. In this article you will find out which concentration suits you best.

Understanding CBD Concentrations

CBD oils are offered in different concentrations, usually in percentages. This percentage indicates how strong the oil is. Your choice should be based on your previous experience with CBD, your health condition and the reason for using it.

Table: CBD oil concentrations and their application

CBD concentration Recommended for Typical areas of application
5% Beginners, slight discomfort Stress reduction, sleep improvement, well-being
10% Occasional users, moderate complaints Anxiety relief, anti-inflammatory, pain relief
20% Experienced users, severe complaints Severe pain conditions, advanced therapeutic applications
30% Very experienced users, specific therapeutic purposes Serious chronic illnesses, intensive therapeutic use

What percentage is right for you?

5% CBD oil: Perfect for a gentle introduction

Shinygram 5% CBD oil is an excellent choice for anyone new to the world of CBD products or looking for a light boost. This mild concentration offers a subtle but effective way to experience the benefits of CBD without being overwhelming. Here are some reasons why 5% CBD oil might be ideal for you:

Gentle entry into the CBD world

  • Ideal start for beginners: Perfect for beginners in the CBD area to start gently using it and explore the effects of CBD.
  • Dosage as needed: The mild concentration allows you to easily adjust the dosage to find the ideal amount for your needs.

Versatile for minor complaints

  • Stress Relief: Helps reduce everyday stress and promotes a sense of calm.
  • Sleep support: May contribute to improved sleep quality by helping you relax and calm down more easily.
  • Increase in general well-being: Supports physical and mental balance, contributing to an improved overall feeling.

Easy to use and tolerable

  • Low risk of side effects: Due to the low concentration, the 5% CBD oil is particularly well tolerated.
  • Easy integration into everyday life: Can be easily integrated into your daily routine without being intrusive.

10% CBD oil: The ideal choice for advanced and moderate complaints

Shinygram 10% CBD oil represents the next step for those who have already had their first experience with CBD and are looking for a stronger effect. It is ideal for a variety of applications where a moderate CBD effect is desired. Here are some benefits and uses of 10% CBD oil:

  • Advanced Uses: Ideal for users who already have experience with CBD oil and are ready to move to a higher concentration.
  • Effective for moderate discomfort: Particularly useful in relieving moderate pain, anxiety and inflammation.
  • Support for sleep problems: Can help improve sleep quality by promoting calmer and deeper sleep.
  • Stress Management: Effective in managing everyday stress and promoting a relaxed state of mind.
  • Safety and tolerability: Even at a higher concentration such as 10%, CBD oil remains well tolerated, with a low risk of side effects.

The 10% CBD oil is an excellent option for those looking to take their CBD use to the next level. It offers a stronger effect than the 5% oil and yet is gentle enough to be well tolerated.

20% CBD oil: Strong support for experienced users

Shinygram's 20% CBD oil is ideal for experienced users looking for a significantly stronger effect. This concentration is ideal for individuals dealing with severe discomfort or who have specific therapeutic needs. Here are some important aspects and benefits of 20% CBD oil:

  • For Advanced Users: Perfect for users comfortable with lower concentrations and ready for a stronger effect.
  • Intensive Pain Relief: Particularly effective in treating severe and chronic pain, including that associated with certain medical conditions.
  • Deep Relaxation: Can help achieve deeper states of relaxation and is useful in managing high levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Extended therapeutic use: Suitable for users who want to use CBD oil as part of a comprehensive therapeutic plan.
  • High Potency with Control: Delivers powerful dosage while allowing users to precisely adjust the dose to achieve the desired effects.

Shinygram 20% CBD oil is an excellent choice for those who need strong support. It offers an intense effect and can make a significant difference in the quality of life.

30% CBD oil: Maximum strength for specialized applications

Shinygram 30% CBD oil is our strongest option available, ideal for very experienced users and for specific medical applications. This high concentration is specifically designed for users who require maximum effect, whether to manage severe chronic conditions or as part of a comprehensive therapeutic plan. Here are some of the key elements and benefits of 30% CBD oil:

  • Highest Potency: Offers an exceptionally strong effect, ideal for users comfortable with the effects of lower concentrations and seeking a more intense experience.
  • Effective for serious illnesses: Particularly suitable for managing severe chronic pain, inflammatory diseases and other serious health conditions.
  • Profound therapeutic effect: Can play a crucial role in comprehensive treatment plans, especially for diseases that require strong dosage.
  • Highly Concentrated Relief: Provides quick and effective relief from acute symptoms, making it a valuable option for users with demanding needs.
  • Precise dosage option: Despite its strength, the 30% CBD oil allows precise dosage control to achieve the individually required effect.

Shinygram 30% CBD oil is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for the strongest possible experience. It is a powerful solution for demanding therapeutic needs, offering users maximum effectiveness and control.


At Shinygram, we understand that every person is unique and therefore has individual needs when it comes to choosing the right CBD oil. No matter whether you are new to the world of CBD or have already gained experience, our range offers the right product for everyone. From gentle 5% CBD oil to strong 30% CBD oil – we have the right oil for every requirement and every need.

Our oils are carefully formulated to give you the best quality and effectiveness. They are perfect for those who want to enrich their everyday life with natural support. Whether it's stress relief, improved sleep, pain relief or simply general well-being, with our CBD oils you're making a conscious choice for your health.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of CBD and find the oil that's right for you? Visit our website now and explore our diverse range of CBD oils. Whether you're looking for gentle support or powerful effects, we have the perfect oil for you.

Stop letting discomfort limit you. Take your health and well-being into your own hands with Shinygram. Try it and feel the difference!

Visit Shinygram and find your ideal CBD oil today!

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