Gogaudi & CBD oil

We are excited to announce an exciting collaboration between Gogaudi and Shinygram, offering exclusive benefits to our members. In this partnership, the focus is on the combination of quality and savings. Gogaudi members now have a unique opportunity to benefit from special discounts when shopping on Shinygram. This collaboration reflects our commitment to not only offer first-class products, but also to provide our members with added value through carefully selected partnerships. Dive into the world of exclusive offers and discover how you can save on Shinygram as a Gogaudi member.

Gogaudi: Your portal for exclusive senior discounts and benefits

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality CBD oil from Switzerland, Shinygram is pleased to announce its long-term cooperation with Gogaudi. This partnership combines our shared passion for quality and the desire to provide added value to our customers, especially seniors and retirees. At Shinygram, we understand the importance of trust and reliability, especially when it comes to products that support our customers' well-being. That's why we're proud to partner with Gogaudi , a platform dedicated to providing retirees not only financial benefits but also recognition for their contribution to society.

This collaboration allows Gogaudi members to receive exclusive discounts on our premium CBD products. We are excited about the opportunity to bring high-quality products to our customers through this partnership while giving back to a generation that shaped our country. Register with Gogaudi to get access to these special offers and discover how Shinygram and Gogaudi work together to bring you quality, security and savings.


Great pensioner benefits and discounts with Gogaudi

Retirement is a time when financial worries should go away and life should be enjoyed to the fullest. With Gogaudi this becomes even easier. Our platform brings together a wealth of pensioner benefits and discounts that are specifically designed to enrich your everyday life and protect your budget. Explore the diverse options available to you and make your retirement a time of enjoyment and discovery.

Travel and leisure offers:

Whether it's exploring the world or experiencing culture up close, Gogaudi offers exclusive discounts on transportation, tickets to museums, cinemas and theme parks. These carefully selected offers allow you to stay active and curious without breaking your budget.

Shopping advantages:

Take advantage of special shopping days and months with discounts in supermarkets, clothing stores and online stores made accessible by Gogaudi. These partnerships are designed to make your shopping more efficient and affordable.

Health and Wellness:

Gogaudi understands the importance of health and well-being in old age. That's why we have cooperated with pharmacies, opticians and fitness studios to offer you special conditions. These benefits help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Everything in one place:

Gogaudi serves as a one-stop shop for all of these retiree perks and more. With a simple registration you will gain access to a wide range of discounts designed specifically for retirees. Our goal is to show you how much your years of contributions to society are valued by helping you save on every purchase.

Take advantage of the wide range of offers that Gogaudi has in store for you and experience a worry-free retirement that is both fulfilling and economical. Your years of hard work deserve to be recognized and rewarded. Register with Gogaudi and discover the world of pensioner perks and discounts tailored to your needs.